Legal Protect Cover – What is it?

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Legal Protect Cover – What is it?

We offer the option of legal protection cover for an additional €25.00 on our policies. the legal expenses cover is underwritten by DAS. So what does this cover?

OK – so What they pay

The policy will pay legal costs up to the policy limit of indemnity of €150,000 to include solicitors’ and
barristers’ fees, court costs, expenses for witnesses, attendance expenses and accountants’ fees. We
will also pay the costs of appealing or defending an appeal.

Some examples of the claims under the covers provided


Employment Disputes & Financial Compensation Awards – Employment Claim
Our insured faced an unfair dismissal claim from an ex-employee, who had been employed as a delivery and sales person. Our policyholder became aware that the takings received from the shop that the employee delivered to and the van round he carried out, did not reflect the value of the goods which regularly left the bakery in the employee’s van. He was provided with the opportunity to explain this; he then appealed against his dismissal and took his case to the Employment Appeals Tribunal. The police were informed of the claims against him and upon investigation the employee confessed that he had taken his employers good and sold them on. Following this the case was withdrawn from the Tribunal.


Legal Defence – Legal Defence Claim
Our insured ran a gift shop and recently carried out some local advertising. They were contacted by the Office of the Director of Consumer Affairs, who had received a complaint about their publicity material, stating that it was both incorrect and misleading. Our client was charged with infringing the Consumer Information Act. We took the case forward on their behalf and successfully defended it. This ensured that Advertising Standards Authorities would take no further action. Our insured suffered no detriment to his business and had no legal costs to pay. The €1,517 costs attached were met by DAS on his behalf.


Property Protection – Property Protection Claim
A claim was made by our Policyholder under his Legal Policy in relation to squatters camped on his land contrary to Section 24 Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2002. Solicitors were appointed to act on behalf of our policyholder in order to instigate the necessary “Ejectment Proceedings”. A Hearing took place following the issue of proceedings and an order for the immediate eviction of the squatters was given, and this was placed in the hands of the County Sheriff, resulting in the squatters being moved off the Policyholders land.
The legal costs incurred in successfully evicting the squatters were in the region of €4,700.

Bodily Injury – Bodily Injury Claim
Our policyholder’s employee tripped and fell badly on a third party premises, sustaining a serious fracture to his ankle. The policyholder contacted DAS to make a claim of negligence against the third party. Medical reports obtained from the orthopaedic surgeon concluded that the employee would never again have full use of the ankle and would always experience some degree of pain. The third party refused to accept liability and the case went to court. The case was won and a €30,000 compensation payment was ordered. Legal costs of €5,000 and outlays were awarded.

Tax Protection

Revenue Audits
We will negotiate on behalf of the policyholder and represent them in appeals proceedings in respect of a Revenue Audit carried out by the Revenue Commissioners into the policyholder’s business accountants.

VAT Disputes
We will negotiate and represent the policyholder in appeal proceedings to the Appeals Commissioner, following an Audit carried out by the Revenue in respect of Value Added Tax.

Employer’s Compliance
We will represent the policyholder in appeal proceedings in respect of a dispute concerning the policyholder’s compliance with Pay As You Earn or Social Insurance Contributions Regulations following an audit by the Revenue Commissioners or The Department of Social Community and Family Affairs.

Tax Protection Claim Example
Our insured was subject to a Revenue Audit by the Revenue Commissioner when their end of year accounts failed to register the purchases valued at €16,506, in the stock figures. This reduced the year’s profit levels and therefore their liability for taxation. DAS believed that the matter was accidental bookkeeping and therefore agreed to support our insured’s. Chartered accountants were appointed to represent them. The accountants corrected the books and negotiated with the Revenue Commissioners. Our insured’s agreed to pay the additional €6,348 tax due after the corrections. So as you can see the cover is very comprehensive and for €25.00. We think that it is amazing value.

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